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Life coaching

Found these fun life coaching videos. He is a life coaching psychologist who speaks about relationships and healthy friendships, about the law of exchange, some people only give you negative energy and never give anything back. He gives many funny and true advices and is a inspirational life coach. Watch and get inspired! =)
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Glad Midsommar

Making midsummer day preparations now! We are making flower headbands and baking a strawberry cake among all! Happpy Swedish Midsummer! =)
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Friday relaxation

Love to watch youtube news in my bath.. Total relaxation after a long day of Exams in Uni!
Today U.K voted to go out of the EU... while 90 procent of Londoner voted to stay in the EU! And yes London is a country of its own according to us who lives here, always if someone ask so what country do you live in? I answer London! So we should vote for Londonexit.. exit out from the U.K haha =)
I dont think the changes will affect us swedish people too much tough because a swedish passports is one of the best ones to have in the world, we never have to apply for visa anywhere, but some of my girlfriends from countries like Israel and Dubai are a bit worried now. Although I dont think it will be too big changes =)